I’ve been saying for years that fear & resistance are the hardest things to work with in yourself because they have the power to shut off your thinking brain, and once that happens you can no longer work with them effectively on your own.

Yet, at the same time, I absolutely KNOW that it IS possible for you to get to the bottom of your fears, doubts and  resistance and permanently transform them – because I do it myself on a regular basis and I’ve worked with many others who can now do it too.

This is what I’ve come to call “fear-whispering”.

The biggest surprise to me, since I started this blog, has been how hard it’s been to get people to believe me when I say that this can be done permanently (and its shown me how much more learning I have yet to do around how to communicate this stuff well!)

People either think I’m making some kind of magical claim or that it’s a superpower only I possess or that it’s a quick fix and therefore it falls under the heading of “too good to be true”.

So here’s the secret:

It’s not a quick fix…it’s ALL about the right SKILLS!

There are 3 skills required to become your own fear-whisperer, and you definitely can learn them.

However, they do require practice and you won’t necessarily get to the bottom of your deepest fear on the first try – just like you wouldn’t expect to be able to play a violin the first time you pick it up.

But once you get even a little bit good at this, your results are permanent and you can calm and work through your fears anytime, anywhere – which is TOTALLY worth the effort, in my book.

Here are the 3 skills:

1. The ability to STAY – to stay with your breath, stay in the moment, stay in your body, stay with what you’re feeling. This means gradually training yourself not to run away inwardly from whatever is going on.

2. The ability to SOFTEN – this is all about compassion, kindness and letting go of the need to MAKE something happen or rush the process.

3. The ability to NOTICE – this is an inner curiosity that leads to awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, needs, desires, etc. This also helps you to step back and not identify completely with whatever you’re experiencing – so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

That’s it!

I’ve combined these 3 skills into a step-by-step 3-10 minute process.

If you practice this even 10 times, you’ll start to see a major difference in your awareness and ability to stay present with fear and keep it from taking over your life and your actions!

Then you learn to use your compassion and curiosity to open a conversation with your fear and that’s when you start to get to the bottom of it and understand what’s it’s been trying to protect you from and why.

But the process isn’t meant to END with the conversation!

This is the biggest mistake I see people making when it comes to opening a dialogue with their fear or their scared inner child or their inner monster.

The conversation ends up being an endless negotiation in the mind that gives the fearful part WAY too much power to determine your course of action.

And when the fearful part gets to stay in ANY kind of control, it ends up demanding a certain amount of your energy all the time, to manage and deal with it and keep it from getting in the way.

The only part of you strong enough and spacious enough to fully RESOLVE a fear is your heart.

Your heart generates an electromagnetic field that’s 5000 times stronger than the field of your brain, where your fear comes from! (Thanks to Doc Childre and the HeartMath Institute for figuring that out.)

That’s why the process I use trains you to stay in your heart and identify yourself AS the spacious, larger Self that lives centered there ALL the time.

From this place, you CAN permanently resolve any fear, doubt or limitation.

Because it’s ONLY your heart that knows the real truth behind the fear. And that truth is ALWAYS beautiful and loving and will carry you into your life, never away from it.

On one level, this is SO simple.

And yet, the more you practice this, the deeper you can go and the more easily you can see through and resolve anything that’s keeping you from what you truly desire.

So this is why my latest report called:
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can talk about permanently releasing fears, doubts and confidence-limiting beliefs.

It really IS possible.

And I’m going to be teaching the Fear-Whispering process to a group for the very first time in the Brand New Confidence 8-week program starting this Monday, October 10th, 2011.

Brand New Confidence is the first program of it’s kind to help people who’ve been hiding out or holding back from fully promoting themselves and their business through building both a great outer brand AND the inner confidence to promote fully.

Of course, I’m bringing the inner confidence part (and the fabulous Pamela Wilson is bringing the branding) and we’ll be working through and resolving all KINDS of fears, resistance, doubts, and limiting beliefs and it’s SO exciting I can hardly WAIT to get started on Monday!

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