Announcing the launch of Entering the Fire!

Things have been quiet here at the Heart’s Voice for a few years now, while I’ve been incubating something new.

The seeds were planted in September of 2010. Looking back, I realized I even wrote about it in The Quickening.

It was the time of Occupy Wall Street and something revolutionary was in the air.

For the next 2 months I thought and wrote constantly about the meeting place of self-change and world-change and the kind of inner transformation and support that we’d need to create the outer changes we so longed to see.

I had no idea then that this seed would need to keep incubating for almost 4 years in me before I could understand the form it was seeking and then create it.

And now it’s here…

I’m so pleased to announce that Entering the Fire is open!

It’s a virtual community and training centre designed to support heart-centered activists, advocates, messengers, organizers, movement workers, social entrepreneurs, under-the-radar movers & shakers, and change-makers of all kinds at every level of engagement.

I built it to help them navigate more skillfully & spiritually through the obstacles and resistance they come up against constantly.

Entering the Fire is about embracing the inner work of social change with a spiritual foundation.

So change-makers can get better results, sustain their efforts, and feel deeply supported and nourished, no matter what the outcomes are at the end of the day.

Our work at Entering the Fire is based on a simple formula:

Inner Transformation + Guided Outer Action + Love = Changes the world

The tools and wisdom offered there are based on the knowledge that we get the best results in our change-work when:

  • we’re not part of the problem
  • we’re not meeting resistance with resistance
  • we’re deeply connected to the guidance and truth of our hearts, where real power resides
  • we can process our emotions and reactions in a healthy way and use them as fuel, instead of being derailed by them
  • we can draw upon the wisdom and experience of others in diverse yet similar areas to ours

If any of this sounds like it could be just the support you’ve been looking for, come on over to Entering the Fire and take a look around.

I’m adding new resources every week right now, but the best stuff will be what we create together!

And for all those who supported The Heart’s Voice in all the stages of it’s, and my, growth, I offer you an enormous THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Your comments, visits and feedback helped me SO much to grow in my own writing, blogging and web skills.

And you helped evolve my understanding of  our resistance to change so I could take this essential knowledge into the change-making community who have such ample opportunities to apply it!

I’m leaving The Heart’s Voice website up for now, so anyone with links to blog posts and past products and worksheets won’t find a lonely 404 page when they get here.

And you can still find me at the Twitter link over there in the sidebar.

I wish you the very best in all your endeavors and I invite you to come and say Hi at Entering the Fire sometime.

Just know that it only exists because of your support. = >

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