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Are You Longing for Fame, Significance or Both?

American Idol is back. And that means, if we choose, we get to watch thousands of people line up for a slim chance at fame and the likelihood of being rejected, sometimes pretty unkindly. So what is it that calls them to this crazy exercise? What makes fame so sought after? After 20 years of […]

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Being With Egypt in our Hearts

Today’s post feels a little risky to me because I’m outing myself on a couple of fronts. But in light of all the unrest around the world right now, sharing this feels too important to let my personal concerns stop me, so here goes… I want to talk about our deep levels of connection with […]

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The Girl Effect: Bringing more voices to the table

Oppression comes in many forms. For the past 10 days I’ve been moved and inspired by the (over 150!) blog posts contributed to The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign started by Tara Sophia Mohr. Zen Peacekeeper, Marianne Elliot, started by sharing about her time in Afghanistan working with a human rights agency, then finished 3 posts […]

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The Quickening

Do you feel it? Something is definitely in the air right now. I’m seeing and hearing it in people all around me, seeing it in myself. At first I thought it was just me. In September a series of aha moments started to slowly change the very foundations of my work and what I want […]

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When Our Desire is for More Than Ourselves

There’s a pretty good chance, if you’re sitting in a house, with a computer, reading this in an email or on a web browser, that you have all your basic needs of food, clothing and shelter met, with some income left over to pay for internet and pay some attention to things beyond your own […]

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Mercedes Sosa, the power of heart + truth + voice

Mercedes Sosa has become my icon for the power of a single female voice and what it can embody in and for the world.

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